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Date Posted:Wednesday, January 18, 2017
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Date Posted:Saturday, January 14, 2017
Message (#623):Dear American Cousins - response to message #576 If your relative Michael, had a father named William (b 1833 in Ireland), Michael was my grandfathers brother then. Therefore my great uncle. We are cousins!

Date Posted:Friday, January 13, 2017
Author:John Lehman
Message (#622):Hello, I wanted to share my website with the folks on this page as I believe it is relevant and would be of interest to some. I have over 95 different arms (French, Irish, and English) for the Roche surname here: I would appreciate if you could link to me. I'm struggling to generate traffic and sales.

Date Posted:Tuesday, January 10, 2017
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Message (#621):example of resume for receptionist

Date Posted:Tuesday, December 20, 2016
Author:Amanda Roche
Message (#620):I am looking for any information related to a John Christopher Roche, I believe born in or around Wexford in 1899/1900. I know his father was Thomas but do not know his mothers name. He is my grandfather and moved to England where he married my grandmother in 1932. They had 4 children together, Martin, John, Patrick and Shelagh. I believe he had brothers Patrick, Martin, Edward and a couple of sisters, but this is only hearsay. He died young aged only 44. Any information gratefully received. I am on the Ancestry site but am unable to find any definite date of birth details. Many Thanks.

Date Posted:Wednesday, December 7, 2016
Author:Terry Condio
Message (#619):I should have said that they lived in New Ross, Wexford

Date Posted:Wednesday, December 7, 2016
Author:Terry Condio
Message (#618):My name is Terry Condio and my Grandmother was Johanna Roche. She was married to Patrick Frizelle. She had at least 12 children. Some of the names were Margaret, Honora, Nicholas, Katherine, Annie, Thomas, George, Richard, Fanny Teresa (passed away at age 4), Julia. They appeared to live at Mary Street for many of the children and Bullawn as well as Cockpit Lane.

Date Posted:Thursday, November 17, 2016
Author:Gerard Roche
Author Details:Gerardroche
Message (#617):Hi . I'm looking for any info.pls my grandfather was James Roche from Patrick street cork . came from big family.

Date Posted:Friday, October 21, 2016
Author:Peggy's Roche boyle
Message (#616):Looking for relatives of Michael Roche married to Ellen Keane from Doonaha Co. Clare in the 1850's

Date Posted:Sunday, October 2, 2016
Author:Graeme Hosken
Message (#615):Hello I am writing a book on the WWI enlistments from Adelong, NSW, Australia,and would love to have a photo of LF (Frank) Roche and Thomas Roche, preferably in uniform.

Date Posted:Monday, September 12, 2016
Author:Gary Ash
Message (#614):My Roches were from Roscommon about 1790 and a bit later from Longford. Edward Roche was born about 1796. They came to New York about 1834 and later went to New Jersey.

Date Posted:Sunday, September 11, 2016
Author:Marc Geffroy
Message (#613):Dear Clan Roche: great & innovative website. thanks to whomever created it and maintains it. you all might also check out the, site for info on our roche ancestory.........allow me to offer up my family's American Roche info as it may help others with their quests. in return, I ask for info on my Irish Roche ancestors Edmund Roche and his wife Nancy Whalen. They lived Co. Cork. She was born in 1805 A.D. so i assume he was near to her age. He is saaid to have been the younger son of a minor branch of the family of the Viscounts of Fermoy Roches but that could be blarney.......this pair had three children, each of whom emigrated to America. Jane married a Michaels Gibbons, a real estate owner in NYC and had many children. George we know naught of. Henry Harrison Roche ended up in Alabama and married a Mary Clark. They had a son named Henry Harrison Roche jr. He ended up a prosperous butcher on McDougal Street in the Greenwhich Village section of NYC. His wife was Florence McCutcheon who was born in County Meath. Now, Henry and Flo had 11 children. One was named Ryhda and was pretty. She is my Great Grandmother. Let me know if you have stories of this branch, and most esp if you know more about Edmund and Nancy. Thanks. Best, marc

Date Posted:Thursday, September 8, 2016
Author:John Roche
Message (#612):Not much of a message my family here in the U.s. Mainly from New Jersey. My dad told me the family did come from County Cork. My dad was Frank. My grandfather John Joseph like me. My Great Grand father was Bill.

Date Posted:Friday, August 26, 2016
Message (#611):Hiya, i don't have a lot of information at all, my dad doesn't speak to his family anymore but i'm looking in to the Roche name out of interest. His mother is Mary Elizabeth Roche - b. 1923 Lambeth London - d. 11th Oct 1994. I believe she may have had a brother called Martin Roche b. 1926, and possibly a brother called Michael Roche b. 1922. I know her mother's maiden name is Kennedy - i believe Ellen Kennedy, and i think her father should be Michael Kennedy also, but i know nothing else. Is anybody else able to shed some light?? Many thanks

Date Posted:Monday, July 25, 2016
Author:Michael Roche
Message (#610):JohnjRoche My family were also Roscommon Roches on which Ive researched a bit. I would be interested in sharing information.

Date Posted:Tuesday, July 19, 2016
Author:Kristen Hagerott
Message (#609):Hi all, I was doing some research on my dads family. My uncle gave me a letter that my My great grandfather received from his brother that has a ton of info on the Roche family history. Its difficult to read but goes back to the Norwegian history. I will try and type as much of it as I can read. Its really difficult to read and if they would let me post a scanned picture of it I would. My great grand father is George Roche, My grandmother is Catherine Roche. So here we go. My apologies a head of time if I typed any names or information wrong... 2-1-31 Dear Bro, I have been so busy that I find it hard to get at this. Early 800 a Norwegian chieftain took his own following and (can’t read) that would go with him and landed in Norway. Normandy was a (can’t read) and county at the time Rollo and his followers took over Normandy and in 885 laid siege to Paris. IN 1060 Duke William was a ruler and made a visit England. He must have liked the country for in 1066 he laid came to the throne of England and landed his army. At the battle of Hastings he defeated the Saxon King Harrold and took possession of all the England. Among his knights where some brothers of the family of De La Roche. They were given large grants of land in the West of England on the Wales border. Name Changes to De Roche in England. In 1168-9 four brothers of the Roches join the Earl De Clare called Strongbow from his great strength in an invasion. The receive permission from Henry 4th the King of Eng. After a few (lashes?) they media treaty and Strongbow married the king of Irelands Daughter. Four Roche brothers received large grants of land in different parts of Ireland. Our Ancestor was located in South Cork and built his Castle on the beautiful Blackwater river the place is called Castletownroche but is fast coming Castletown. He must have had a large grant as the first land passed on entering Cork (can’t read) is Roches point. The castle is still standing and is in good repair and I think owned by the Baron of (can’t read) a Roche who bought the title of Baron from the British crown. There seems to have been less trouble in Cork during the next 400 years than in any country Ireland. Roches of those days being Anglo-Irish thought more of religion then freedom of Ireland. In 1395 Roche was treasurer of Ireland and head of the Brotherhood of the Cistercian Order. The largest order in Ireland. On June 13th (can’t read) We find Lord Roche and several more Lords and Cheifs voted the Union of Ireland and England. This was the first union In April 1599 Lords Roche, (can’t read) De Lacey and Chief Sullivan defeated the English Earl of (Can’t read) who had been sent by Elizabeth to conquer Ireland and run him back to Dublin. In 1641 we find all Ireland in open rebellion and council of 500 chiefs and lords mel-in Dublin to appoint commanders for the armies and form a government. A supreme council of six members composed of lords of Roche, (can’t read), Gormanstown the Arche bishops of Armagh Dublin and (can’t read) were selected as a final court. They has a body guard of 500 foot soldiers and 200 horse. Ireland fought a good fight for three years and then agreed to a 12 month truce. The council finally media a settlement. The Anglo Irish who formed the majority of the supreme council connected by blood and (can’t read) wage with Eng. had entered the war purely as one of religious liberty. So they got a satisfactory settlement along those lines and signed up. May 12 1652 the stronghold finally fell before Bromwells troops. Lord Roche was killed in the defense and Lady Roche after a hard battle was forced to the surrender the Castle. (Can’t read maybe cannon) against stone walls and the long bow that the Normans themselves brought into England where the undoing of the Irish. In 1798 John Roche led an attack on Clonmell bit was repulsed. Later in the same year John Roche and Father Murphy won the battle of vinegar hill. They sure got satisfaction there. Ina final battle we find John and Father Phillip Roche who at one time commanded 20000 (can’t read) making a last stand Father Phillip and Grogan and some more surrendered and their heads where cute off and for a long time decorated spikes on the top of Wexford courthouse. And that is that. (from this point it gets personal nothing about the history but I find his closing amusing so I will add it) The writer of this history of Ireland was a real Irish man and did not give I think the Anglo Irish as much credit as they are entitled to however they were invaders but they improved (can’t read) country they came to. Jack Roche

Date Posted:Thursday, July 14, 2016
Author:john j roche
Message (#608):My father was James Francis Roche. His parents were from Roscommon or Longford Mary Feehily and Thomas Roche. My maternal grandfather was Henry Flanagan from Longford or Cavan. Just seeing if there is any relation to Roche's. They immigrated to NYC/Bronx.

Date Posted:Tuesday, June 7, 2016
Author:Jim Kiley
Message (#607):Hello Roche Family, My name is James Patrick Kiley, I go by Jim. In a box of archives I Found a letter addressed to : W.J Roche Keame Glenville County Cork Ireland My Father Recently passed away.... Joseph Edward Kiley, he was 84. My brother Tim just sent out 4 Boxes of Kiley Archives and Photos some dating back to the 1880s. I am trying to find out the origin of the Kileys I am related to. I know they came from County Cork area and settled in Upstate New York area ...Oneonta and Cooperstown .Do you have any Information on WJ Roche? Thank You ! Sincerely the Kiley Clan!

Date Posted:Friday, May 13, 2016
Message (#606):i Heard that the Roche family was in France at some point long long ago and killed a lot of the kings and royal family along with their enemies and the Roche's who done this moved to Ireland and changed their last name to roach so no french people could track them down and carried on being total badass's and killing their enimies, is this true?

Date Posted:Monday, May 2, 2016
Author:Dana Roach
Message (#605):Well hello! I never imagined so many Roaches would be searching for their families ties! My father (James A. Roach III of Philadelphia, PA) recently passed away and it prompted my search to figure out the family tree. HIs parents also lived in Philadelphia, PA (James A Roach II & Elizabeth Caden Roach). I believe the generation before my grandparents were the first generation to arrived in America via Ellis Island. (I'm guessing around 1816) My great grand parents names were James A. Roach and Ella Roach (Carroll). I know the family was originally from County Louth area of Ireland and has some ties to the Castleroche. Ella Roach (Carroll) was also a relative of Archbishop Carroll. I'm wondering if any of this information ties into anyone else's story? I'd love to hear about it and maybe put some of the pieces of the puzzle together. Thanks!

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